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ginger_hustler's Journal

Ginger McKenna-Rothstein
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Sam Rothstein is a bookie from back home in the Midwest who knows how to pick winners and leaves nothing to chance. He is sent by the Mob to Vegas to run a gambling joint called the Tangiers Hotel and Casino. Rothstein dutifully keeps his nose and fingers clean in Vegas. He runs the daily casino operations exceedingly well – which he does without a gambling license since he’s had trouble with the law. He has to adopt a variety of job titles (entertainment, or food and beverage, manager) to avoid the license requirement. With no one really keeping tabs on the money flowing into the casinos, the Mob regularly skim off the top of their huge gambling profits and get pure cash unseen by the Internal Revenue Service. Each month, fat suitcases of untaxed cash are personally delivered home by a Mob man.

Sam is at the top of his game and feels so good he thinks he’d like to settle down. Enter Ginger McKenna, one the most highly regarded hooker-hustlers in Vegas. She brings in the high rollers and gets them to blow their big bucks at the gambling tables. A riotous scene in which Sam first spots Ginger captures her essence so well. On the arm of another gambler, she surreptitiously slips a few chips into her purse every now and then, and the move doesn’t escape the casino’s cameras. When she refuses the tiny tip offered by her date, he accuses her of stealing his chips. Irritated, Ginger abruptly tosses several racks of the man’s chips in the air, causing general chaos, and consternation in a very flustered old man. Sam Rothstein watches her operate, and is utterly smitten with her gall and her dazzling smile. Soon he’s proposing marriage to a somewhat reluctant Ginger. Sam showers her with lots of expensive goodies, even entrusts a part of his life entirely to her. When Sam tries to control Ginger, she bristles and rebels. Her dependence on drugs and liquor worsens. What Sam doggedly refuses to see is that Ginger has been, and still is, a fiercely independent working girl who was pretty successful at her trade.

Not helping things is Ginger’s inexplicable attachment to an old pimp-boyfriend-parasite named Lester Diamond. When Ginger continues her friendship with Lester, secretly slipping large amounts of cash to him, it becomes one of several thorns in Sam’s side, and another cause for the disintegration of Sam and Ginger’s marriage.

Ginger fleed from Vegas after he had Lester beat up because she gave him a large amount of money. She turned to Nicky Santoro for support, even sleeping with him to get him as her sponsor. When Nicky refused to co-operate, that's when she absconded, leaving behind her daughter Amy. She went to LA (and the Nexus), making withdrawals from the safe deposit box that contained Sam's 'life insurance' money that he entrusted to her. But it wasn't long til both Nicky and Sam dragged her drunken ass back.

Warning and Disclaimer: This journal will contain themes of an adult nature. I am roleplaying Ginger for fun, and am not making any profit from playing the character.

Mun is janiejane