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#57.6 from writers_muses
Name : Ginger McKenna-Rothstein
Fandom : Casino
Word count : 260

I shoulda known that Sam would shaft me. I should've never married him. He's a Gemini. Triple Gemini. Duality. Gemini is the snake, you know. You can't trust a snake.

We had an agreement, you know. That money was for me, and only me. When we first got married, he promised me that it was mine, no matter what. It was my insurance you know. No matter what happened, I was set up for life. That’s what he told me, that was the agreement. If everything went wrong and it didn’t work out, I was taken care of, that was the fucking deal.

But when it came down to it, he screwed me over. So much for his fucking word and his promises. I was entitled to that money. No, I don’t feel guilty about taking it, I was taking what was rightfully mine. Can you believe he wasn’t even going to let me in the house to get my stuff? I’d been wearing the same clothes for two days, and he wouldn’t even let me in the goddamned house to get a change of clothes. I mean, what’s that shit about? It’s not like I wanted the house, or anything that wasn’t mine. I just wanted my clothes, my jewellery and my money.

My fucking money.

I shoulda known all along it was bullshit. Did he honestly expect for me to walk outta there empty handed? Eight fucking years I’d given that Jew Gemini bastard. And for what? Well screw you Sam Rothstein, I’m having what’s owed to me.


Prompt #54.1D from writers_muses
Name : Ginger McKenna-Rothstein
Fandom : Casino
Word count : 350

"Poor sods don't have any clue of what's about to happen to them. But then, maybe that's for the best."

You gotta be pretty damn dumb to try and pull a fast one in the Tangiers. I mean I don't know all the details, and I don't wanna fuckin' know either. But if you're going to try and rip off a casino like my husband runs, you better know what you're doing. Ace Rothstein can spot a counter, a hustler or a weak dealer a mile off. There isn't a trick in the book that he hasn't already thought of, and odds are, he's just waiting for you to try it. And when you do? You'll be lucky to have your fingers working well enough to pick up your cigarettes as you're 'helped' out of the door.

That's how it is. 'Cept these poor suckers keep coming back for more, you'd think they'd be a bit more clued up; stories travel, you know. The thing is, they get away with it when they stick to small time, once maybe, even twice if they're any good. But then they get cocky, and greed brings them back and they start betting big. And when you get greedy, you might as well be wearing a fuckin' neon sign flashing on your head that says 'Fuck Me Up'.

They think they had a fuckin' heart attack, well you would. Last thing you're expecting in a flash joint like this, is to get screwed by a cattle prod. And if they did know? You can be sure as shit they would have stopped five hands ago, if they hadn't been stupid enough to set themselves up for it in the first place, fake beard or not. Before they know it they're in the 'first aid' room and gettin' their knuckles smashed.

Freelance scamsters, hustlers beware. How can you skim a joint, if you're letting a bunch of yokel pricks skim it for you? Ace Rothstein doesn't fuck about, no-one gets one over on him. Not even me. Well not Ace maybe, Sam on the other hand...


Meme Questions from everyone.

1. Start Time – Now
2. Name - Ginger
3. Astrology sign – Taurus
4. Gender – Female
5. Eye color – Blue
6. Favorite color - Gold
7. Glasses – No.
8. Tattoos - None, tacky things on women.
9. Birthday – May 16
11. Sibling's name(s) – Barbara

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Wild women do and they don't regret it.

"Lester honey, it's me again baby. You call me back already, okay. I can't get a hold of you at home. Just check in will ya, just so I know you're okay. I worry, ya know."

The cellphone was expertly wedged between shoulder and cheek as Ginger applied her final eyelash in the mirror. Any genuine concern she had for Lester, quickly dissipated with her admiration for her latest purchase that she now flipped shut. Ten grand that baby had cost her, well Sam to be fair, and it was worth every cent she thought as the dressing mirror lights danced spectacularly amongst the irridescent diamonds.

Ginger had been away from Sam for over a week now, every night spent in decadent and expensive luxury at the prestigious L'Ermitage Raffles hotel in Beverly Hills. Sam's cash that he'd aggressively shoved into the Louis Vitton holdall on that coked up night was rapidly depleting, but she wouldn't worry about that til she was down to her last few grand.

For now, the champagne was flowing, the coked up nights had been in abundance, and the days; well the days had been an endless celebration of spa treatments and Rodeo Drive shopping, after noonish anyway.

She reopened the cellphone and paused on the 'home' entry for a moment inhaling deeply. She didn't exhale until the phone was clapped shut again. She knew this wouldn't last forever, but while it did, she was going to make the most of it. Answering to no one but herself was suiting Ginger just fine. Besides, she didn't need Sam, not yet anyway.

Tonight was party night, just like the last eight, and Ginger was dressed to kill as she stepped out of the elevator doors into the hotel foyer. First stop, the bar.

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This clip is very very NSFW but very very fucking hysterical *in tears here*

Just wait til the end when Ernie/Nicky starts tapping Bert/Ace on the head XDDDD

And while I'm at it with the youtube time wastery...Casino - The Fucking Short VersionCollapse ) XD!
Ginger slamming the car door and falling over half coked/half drunk is funny as... well fuck!


OOC: America's Playground

Alot of Ginger's RP is now going to take place here, if you've been reading Ginger's journal:

It's definitely worth scoping out :)

Night out at the MGM Grand

((Continued from here.))

It had been a long time since Ginger had done this, she was back in her element. She turned to look around, seeing if there were any old faces she still knew as Danny bought his chips from the cashier. A couple of security guards nodded her way, and she smiled back in their direction.

When Danny was done, she slipped her arm under his. If it had crossed her mind that this would probably get back to her husband, she obviously didn't care. At least he'd have something different to criticise her for than how much she drank for a change.

"So what's your game Danny?"


Prompt #169 from theatrical_muse
Name : Ginger McKenna-Rothstein
Fandom : Casino
Word count : 219
Topic: Fragile

I thought about this, and no matter how many times I tried to think of something else that was fragile. I kept coming back to hangovers. The ones that make your trembling hand reach for the coffee and the pills, before you can even think straight.

Every noise seems louder, every argument seems worse, every light brighter, every smell more nauseating. I know it’ll pass, I know the pills will do their stuff. But for that first hour of the day, all I wanna do is crawl back into bed, and shut out everything around me.

But I won’t let myself do that, there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m fine, I have to prove this. So I hide it, I smile and make small talk over breakfast, and I wait. ‘Cause I know in an hour, it’ll feel different. I know in an hour, that I’ll be ready for the day ahead, and I’ll be back to my old self.

I know I drink too much, and when I feel like this, I tell myself I should stop. But then I don’t feel so bad, and the headache’s gone. It’s in the past, I’m not good at mornings, I feel just fine now. I’m just not good at mornings.

Besides, lunch isn’t the same without a bottle of wine.


Emotional Blackmail

"Lester..." Ginger sighed into the receiver. "Of course I do, that's why I can't do this."

Lester's emotional manipulation was slowly wearing her down though. "I just needed to check you were okay, Sam should never have done that, I'm so sorry. I just needed to hear your voice one more time, see that you were good."

The solitary tear, that had fought to escape for five minutes now, had made way for the stream that had been building up behind it when it finally rolled over her cheek. "I can't give you any money, you heard what he said, you were there too."

The more he spoke, the closer she felt to relenting. Just this one last time, just enough to make sure he had a fair crack of the whip. Just to see him okay before she cut off ties forever. He was right, it was her fault he was in this mess, she did owe him this one last favour.